Friday, September 5, 2014


Salaam Loves..
Here My short weekend in Solo , Central Java.
I go to Kraton Surakarta today, But so sad its close :-( So I just can take a picture from the outside..
Anyway a little word about this city..
Surakarta is also widely known by the name "Solo", here is my Mother Hometown.So I have a lot family here. 
Surakarta together with Yogyakarta is well known as the cultural heartland of Java. As the centre of surviving Javanese court "Kraton", Surakarta is famous for its refined, highly polished aesthetic and sophisticated javanese art. The Kraton served as an important center dedicated for the presevation of Javanese culture. The Sunan (king) of Surakarta , althought today no longer holds official actual political power ,is still revered and holds important position as cultural symbol among Javanese people.

Kraton Solo is one of the must-visit tourist spot in Surakarta. 
I go to Surakarta almost every year. but this is my first time go to Kraton, :D

Detail Outfits : 
Tartan Shirt : Esprit
Wide Pant : Nonizakiah 
Shawl : Noni Zakiah
Bracelet : Forever 21
Bag : Zara
Wedges : The Little Things she needs
Location : Kraton Surakarta , Central Java

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Yeayyy This time for my Holiday  :D
Today will go to some city in Central Java...
Pekalongan ,, Solo and the last Yogyakarta of course ...
I will explore the city and will share with you InshaAllah...
See you soon loves..

Details Outfits :
Sunnies : Forever21
Shawl : Luza
Top : Noni zakiah
Pant : Zara
Shoe : The Little Things She Needs
Bag : Palaggo ( a gift from friend )

Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello friends... Hope you had a great weekend...
And this day is just another Monday :D
Packed my stuff all the day for my trip to Central Java..
and Walking around the Mall in the night.. Because I must buy some gift for my family there :D

Tonight I just want to be Simple...
wearing an Instan Shawl , Loose ashymetric top in Black and My ripped Baby blue jeans..
Put my comfortable flats and a Mini bag..
and A smokey eyes with Shock pink lips for my makeup tonite..
oohhh ... I just go without having to think of anything else tonight...
Enjoy my last nite in Jakarta.. See you soon Jakarta... :)

Details outfits :
Instan Shawl : See_nana (instagram)
T-shirt : Bought In China
Jeans : Zara
Shoes : Salvatore Ferragamo
Bag : Guess
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia